We’re Josh and Allison Bernstein.

We’ve been in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985. Josh is the dentist and Allison is the boss. (LOL, just kidding–Allison manages the office.)

“We credit a unique blend of skill and authenticity as our secret to success.” We used honest communication, top-tier customer service and a unique skill-set to build a dental practice that operates 100% outside the limitations of insurance–and it has for 20 years. We’re on a mission to help you do the same!

The Podcast

Whether you’re a new dentist wondering how to build your practice, a seasoned professional struggling with the challenges of insurance or a front office manager wondering what to say on uncomfortable calls and conversations, we’ve got you covered.

We’re sharing stories, tips and solutions – all real, all unfiltered and all meant to help you: reduce your stress, increase your profits and make your professional life more rewarding.

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