Have you just about had it with being in-network with insurance?

Insurance plans dictate what treatment is covered—if at all. Insurance reimbursements are not keeping pace with inflation. And your office wastes valuable time chasing down insurance payments. You’d like to get out “someday,” but think you “just can’t do it right now.”

  • Josh Bernstein, DDS and Allison Bernstein invite you to attend a very special 1-day program on March 10, 2023 at Dental Suite 903 in Oakland, California on how to finally plan your exit strategy and get out-of-network.
  • We will be teaching a small group of 10 dentists how we got out-of-network over 20 years ago–and how you can, too.
  • The course will be held in our real, working, out-of-network office, where there will be a morning lecture with step by step instructions on how to get out–while managing and minimizing the risk.
  • Lunch and learn is included so that all attendees can network with each other.
  • In the afternoon, we will take a volunteer from the group and do an over-the-shoulder view through the new patient experience from initial phone call, to consult, to exam, to clinical photos, to treatment plan presentation, to financial arrangements and scheduling. Then we’ll partner up and do a photo workshop, before wrap up.
  • This will be a small intimate group with plenty of opportunity for questions and answers. Included in the course will be the proprietary forms, patient emails, scripts, and verbiage that we use to convert inquiries into out-of-network, fee-for-service patients—with zero sales pressure.
  • After the course, all attendees will get a complementary 1-hour phone call with us to consult on specific needs of their unique practice situation.

If you’re ready to finally take action and get control of your practice, please send an email to dentalsuite903@gmail.com. First come, first served! Tuition is $995 and CE credits are available.

Why take this course:

  1. Practice quality dentistry without insurance interference.
  2. You’re not trapped. You can go out of network. But it takes proper planning.
  3. With prices rising and insurance reimbursements falling, staying in-network and doing quality dentistry is not sustainable long-term.
  4. Learn from a real, working dental practice that used to be in-network and successfully went out-of-network and has stayed out-of-network for 20+ years.
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